Our value-added and differentiation will be based on offering a unique curriculum and co-branded certificate that blossom the richness of African culture, African skills, African concepts and.

A strategic and forging & implementation plan may be written and validated as the road map in implementing the SOAD Business School.

The SOAD Business School will be evolving around 5 strategic choices: building the offer of curriculum, constructing research programs and a scientific journal, recruiting talented faculty, signing strategic partnerships, building infrastructure, and eventually promotion and recruiting students.

Building the offer of the curriculum is critical and may involve all expertises as well as cooperation across the different departments as well consulting stakeholders with the objectives of offering a UNIQUE curriculum that will be specific to Africa. A lot of African researchers have built management concepts that are not recognized or valued, and it is time to give them a chance to make a difference.

Research programs are the bedrock of any serious university or school, we will identify priority researches in the business and management field and mobilize resources to generate top quality research in the identified field as well as build a reputable journal that could be produced by the school.

The quality of the curriculum should go hand in hand with the quality of the faculty that would be teaching at the school. There is the need to identify, attract and retain the best experts that will be able to attract the best students. Faculties may be expert and unconventional experts that may not have gone through a western accredited path.

The strength of the school will equate to the strength of the partners that will agree to support the school with a strategic partnership in providing co-branded curricular, provide resources, support with faculties, and any other mean. We will endeavor in building strong partnerships with top-recognized institutions.

As a virtual university, the infrastructure should be sound and solid with top-notch digital infrastructures, tools, and equipment to be acquired as well as applications, databases, access to virtual libraries and databases. A budget for infrastructure and its yearly extension should be planned and implemented.

Eventually, the school needs to have a marketing, students recruitment and promotion strategy as the objective should be a business model that leads it to self-sustaining itself economically. Payment mode, bank accounts, and operational budget as well as an ambitious promotion plan should pave the way for its success.