The scope of the Faculty of Mines will go from the sky to the ground. Though mining is traditionally associated with geology, this faculty will also teach about the new space technologies that can be used to analyse what is in the ground.

In great cooperation with the Panafrican Institute of Space Sciences and Technologies, the faculty of Mines will make connexions between some disciplines that do not usually work together. And also, learning about the ground of the Moon and of March can be of great significance for whoever wants to know more about the Earth.

Also, even if it is another paradox, the faculty of mines will teach the students how not to mine. Given the negatives consequences of mining in terms of social, economic, and environmental impact, the faculty will explain to the new generation how it is possible to make money out of the mines without actually digging anything.

In a context where extraction is so important in Africa but does not bring any wealth to the countries where it happens, the Faculty of Mines certainly needs to create a new framework on the continent that includes a different consciousness of economy, finances, and environment.