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Young Africans must have access to knowledge in general, to that of art, culture, historical legacy, and spiritual heritage in order to forge their self-confidence and provide them with a better knowledge of how to better life and be together. Above all, they should know that Africa is the cradle of humanity and that this is where global culture has drawn its source.

The State of African Diaspora has a fundamental educational mission in Africa and in the Diaspora. The Faculty of Art, Heritage, and Culture will bring knowledge to all its citizens through courses in General History of Africa, the origins of culture and art, their expansion in the world.

It will highlight the history of the Diaspora resulting from the transatlantic slave trade and the Indian Ocean. The history of each country in relation to the slave trade. The major sites of the slave route. The place of biodiversity in relation to art, culture, and historical legacy.

The heritage and cultural legacy of Afro-descendants; the case of Indian coolies; partnership and solidarity will be strengthened with other states in the Diaspora.

Publishing and audiovisual will be part of the curriculum to allow the dissemination of knowledge of the history, heritage, culture of Afro-descendants and Africans. The works of art from each country will be studied and adopted for projects of online exhibitions, web documentaries, documentaries, and fiction. A partnership will be established with the best film schools in Africa.

A partnership will be established with Restitutionmuseum, the digital slavery route, the FIFIMH (International Festival of traveling films Mémoire de l'Humanité), the E-Mémoire de l'Humanité and the website / app. (soon

The themes resulting from the slavery migration will also be treated such as reparation, restitution, repatriation, restoration, commemorations, tourism.

The Faculty will have a specific partnership with the Royal Guezo Institute for an orientation more focused on the crafts of the Royal Court, modern art, spiritual heritage, music, dance ... As well as the restoration of palaces and African universal heritage. The president of the Guezo Institute is the Roving Ambassador Serge Guezo. Partnership also with the Benin Heritage School.

The Faculty will begin general courses on line from September 21. The Faculty will be built in Benin where SOAD has been offered land for a smart university and business city.

The Faculty will have to train the entrepreneurs, leaders and job creators of tomorrow.

We have a duty to make them understand that their place is at home in Africa, that the wealth and the future are there and not in Europe. The license will be supplemented by the specialization in human rights and intellectual property for restitutions, audiovisual production and cultural and tourism  operator (Master).