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Cyber Future Academy - Collins Nnabugwu

The Cyber Future Academy (CFA) is designed to support, promote and facilitate the collaboration between Panafrican vocational self makers, IoT entrepreneurs, 4th Industrial Revolution enthusiasts, startups, and nonprofit founders; helping to scale innovative projects from ideas and prototypes to real products.

The CFA is dedicated to exploring current issues and needs cases in the African economy; and developing indigenous innovative solutions to integrate and implement medium scale production ecosystem to hardware startups from software developer communities which will lead to the promotion of the Fourth Industrial Revolution across Africa, ushering in new jobs and wealth creation.

Through the development of smart digital hardware manufacturing, the CFA aims to build future smart hardware and software cluster communities,

just like the Silicon Valley and Shenzhen city models. This will be achieved by combining an ecosystem of new open source methods and the current manufacturing methodology being developed and deployed by the Cyber Future Academy.