Julius Garvey 2

In many parts of Africa, access to knowledge remains very problematic. Books are expensive, scarce, or at best totally outdated. Under these conditions, teaching opportunities are obviously very limited. That is why the Panafrican Digital Library needs to be set up. It is an online library, containing digitalized books, which readers can view online, and read on the screens of their computers, tablets, or phones. Thus, the necessary works will be accessible to all students.

The goal is twofold: it will allow pupils and students to have easy access to textbooks, dictionaries, books, and intellectual productions in general. But it will also allow pan-African writers and publishers to have better dissemination and visibility internationally.

The State of the African Diaspora is the designer and director of the operation, and of the website; and we request the African Union to give its moral support to at least, and to vote a resolution establishing the digital legal deposit, forcing all publishers in Africa to provide a digital link as soon as they publish a book, in order to enrich regularly the Panafrican library.

Julius Garvey, who is Marcus Garvey’s son, and an ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora, has accepted to lead the Library, that will bear his father’s name.