Beyond the traditional courses that will be provided in this faculty, the focus here will be on what we shall call « natural engineering ». As a matter of fact, the most remarkable engineers on the planet are not necessarily human beings.

In the course of evolution, many plants and animals have developed many skills and technologies that are very surprising and can actually be very useful for us. Bees, termites, and beavers are well known for their building capacity, and these examples were very useful for architectural purposes. But much more remains to be learned.

In fact, probably, each animal, each plant has something to teach, provided we are curious enough. That is why the preservation of biodiversity is so crucial, even in terms of technologies and development.

Many problems that we may have in our society can be solved if we have the opportunity to get our inspiration from this or that species.

In a rare attempt to create a dialogue between engineering and biology, this faculty will insist on natural observation and technological innovation. Students will learn how to observe, recreate, produce a patent, and this approach based on bio-mimetism will also teach them how to provide new technologies through trying to preserve nature and reconnecting with our Panafrican values.