The faculty of medecine is included in a hospital complex, as students in this area need to be connected to a hospital where they can learn. Co-spondered by Alector and the State of the African Diaspora, this program is a hospital complex + a medical faculty + a 7* hotel complex + a staff and student residence complex + a leisure centre.

All these structures will be built to European standards to align the quality of care with the standard of care provided in Europe so that it is possible to make partnerships with the European hospital Georges Pompidou Paris XV and European faculties of medecine.

The objective of this hospital is to offer very high quality care to African populations and to stop medical tourism in Europe of its elites who prefer to flee the dilapidated health structures of their own countries to benefit from care in the West or elsewhere outside the continent.

This is truly a shame. As such, this hospital and this faculty of medecine intended for all of Africa south of the Sahara. It will have an international character and will be at the cutting edge of technology and media know-how.

The university pole will include the faculty of medecine, a school of nursing and a school of midwifery. Strategically, the DRC being a country-continent in the heart of Africa, its choice as a location for this project was de facto imposed. Its budget is three hundred and eighty-nine million seven hundred and forty thousand two hundred and thirteen euros ninety-nine cents (389.740.213,99€).