Traditional Medicine 

The organic medicine and farm industry includes farms that primarily cultivate medicinal plants, organic fruit, vegetables, grains, and other crops free from artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. 

 One of the economy’s best performing industries over the last decade. This industry has grown exponentially in 2020 since the Corona Plandemic became a global Crisis. We see a fantastic opportunity to meet this demand. 60% of the World’s arable farmland is in Africa. This is also a huge area to generate fx (foreign exchange). 

Global demand for organic farm produce is rising due to increasing health concerns about food, the inability of the Public health systems to adequately address the huge demand for support at the grassroots level, and various Government policies globally that lack adequate funding leading to both successes and many frustrations. Chemical drugs are not as in demand as before. People want better medicines and food with no side effects.

But this knowledge that was kept in traditional villages is about to disappear. We need not only to preserve and teach about all these plants and remedies but also to reinforce them and to find new protocols and new medicines. That is what the faculty of traditional medicine is about.